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Yellsource has revolutionized the home-based call center industry! We have an entrepreneurial culture that lets employees make their mark. Yellsource offers an engaging work culture that fosters personal and career growth for our employees. Training and development is at our core. It continues reinventing and evolving to meet the needs of the customers we serve through technology and vision. You can feel it in the work we do and the clients that benefit. Our employees are encouraged to take risks and work on projects and products that the market has never seen before.

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Yellsource Careers

We are currently open for hiring. Please send us a copy of your resume at the time of your application.

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We have simple requirements for you to start working with us easily.



  • High School Diploma from an accredited institution (Some college preferred).
  • Proven customer service experience (Call center experience preferred).
  • Advanced computer knowledge. Proficient with MS Office and strong professional typing skills required.
  • Advanced interpersonal skills. Proven ability to interact successfully with internal/external customers.
  • Availability to work in different shifts (Your shift is determined by individual business need).
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Action oriented, high energy, personable, empathetic, and have a genuine desire to help our customers.

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With this, you are aware and have a deep understanding that Yellsource provides an industry leading customer service experience to our customers. You will be the first point of contact for our customers and respond to case inquires related to status, selected data changes, required forms information, documenting all inquiries, and any necessary corresponding actions.

You should be able to handle answering a high volume of calls with a high degree of accuracy and speed, while consistently meeting key department performance metrics. We aim for quick and effective problem solvers who can execute on action items effectively to deliver impactful solutions.

Professionals should effectively communicate the policy information and company procedures to all customers. It is key to a well-coordinated team.

This involves cross functional partners while using advanced technical skills.

This is needed with minimal frustration and supervision. Your self-motivation, dependability, and responsibility is expected.

Yellsource always follow trends in technology. We encourage our team to be open to experimentation with digital tools, and researching with an analytical and curious mind will be our A+ digital savvy candidate.

We require our team to work successfully in a structured fast paced team environment which means your day will go by fast. You must be able to manage multiple tasks at one time in order to meet our customer's needs before deadlines.

With the limited timeframe allotted a professional should perform all financial and non-financial transactions necessary to satisfy requests using multiple computer systems and productivity tools.